Symega Food Ingredient is the largest seasoning manufacturer in India and one of the leading seasoning house in Asia. Symega has diversified business profile for multiple industries but we are their partner for seasoning application. We are offering meat seasoning like Tandoori, Peri Peri, Teriyaki and many more. To develop a customized seasoning is one of the most import business segment. Symega offers a variety of seasoning solutions that impart just the right touch of taste and flavour to foods. Capitalizing on fresh ingredients, innovative processing methods, and the expertise of chefs and food technologists, we produce seasonings that evoke a flavourful sensory experience, for applications ranging from snacks and noodles to breakfast mixes and instant soups. Each one of our seasoning solutions is distinct and tailor-made for specific applications, imparting the desired taste profile and character to our customers’ recipes.
Suitable for: Noodles and Pasta | Breakfast Mixes | Potato Snacks | Extruded Snacks | Popcorn, and more.


Synthite is the biggest manufacture of Oleoresin in the world. Synthite is the global leader in manufacturing of all spice Oleoresins. Today, Synthite is a leading force in a variety of botanical extracts such as tea, coffee, vanilla and lutein. They process raw spices at our state-of the-art plants and labs; where they extract Oleoresins retaining all the original characteristics such as flavour, colour and taste of the starting natural raw material. Some of these value-added products are unique to Synthite; which is why we are the global leaders in this line of business. ARSTE is the distribution partner of Synthite in Saudi Arabian market and we are selling their many value added ingredients which add value to our supply chain process to our esteemed customers.


Gelnex is now a part of Darling Ingredients Brand. We specialize in the production of gelatin and collagen. Having 6 factories with 56,000 MT production, or global operations allow us to bring these multifunctional ingredients to more than 60 countries. With the growing emphasis on healthy lifestyles, Gelnex is proud to offer natural, healthy and safe products. More than just producing ingredients, we want to add quality and health to people’s lives.


Plant-Ex Ingredients is an international company specializing in the manufacture of Natural Food Ingredient Solutions, supplying across the globe either directly through our own facilities or through a number of selected distribution partners. Plant-Ex producing following products • Natural colour: Plant-Ex producing natural Colours for all food application. They are manufactured from fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, algae and/or other edible source materials. Nothing synthetic; all natural. They are producing all the Colours in UK plant. • Flavours: Plant-Ex is a medium size Multinational Co. producing flavours for all application. So, we have capabilities to supply all sweet flavours, citrus flavours, meat flavours etc. • Food Preservation: The Plant-Ex FPS department specializes in the use of natural ingredients to produce clean label antioxidants and preservatives for use in the food and beverages industry.


As a food company that has existed for more than 125 years, DANÆG has a long history of innovation and high food safety. Today, DANÆG is one of the leading suppliers of fresh shell eggs and processed, pasteurized egg products nationally and internationally. Danaeg is producing whole range of liquid egg products i.e. Pasteurized liquid egg with & without salt and long eggs.


Kallbergs is egg based ingredients producer belongs to Danaeg Group in Denmark. Kallbergs only producing powdered products as follows: • Whole Egg Powder
• Egg White Albumin Powder High Gel/High Whip
• Egg Yolk Powder
• MAYO-MAX - stabilizers for mayonnaise


Molvest is the largest Russian company producing and processing of milk with a 50-year history and the third company in Russia for milk processing with 100% Russian capital. Facts and figures of Molvest: • 7 factories, 6 our own farms
• 30,000 cows of the best dairy breeds & one of the largest farm in Europe
• Halal & ISO certification Molvest produces: • Skimmed milk powder MH
• Whey permeate
• Whey protein concentrate WPC-80
• Milk protein concentrate MPC-85
• Milk protein concentrate MPC-70


Jeneil Biotechnology is a company who create chemistry in cheese. White Biotechnology Offers Tomorrow’s Sustainable Solutions as follows: • Dairy & Plant-based Flavors
• Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients
• Concentrated Cream Butter & Dairy Flavours
• Vegan Cheese & Dairy Flavour Technology


Foslife is a natural sugar substitute made from cane sugar by a unique proprietary enzyme process to enable conversion of sucrose and it consists of short-chain Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS). Foslife is a sweet, tasty and non-digestible soluble prebiotic fiber. FOS could be used for all food & pharma application.

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC):

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is global agricultural merchant and process. LDC helps to provide sustenance for the growing population, working to create fair and sustainable value for the benefit of current and future generation. They are mainly producing following commodities: • Dairy – dairy commodities
• Orange – Orange Concentrate & Citrus Fiber, Pectin etc.
• Soy products- Soy Isolate, Soy Lecithin
• Many more We are LDC partner for Soy Lecithin in Saudi & other GCC market.


JRS SIVLA TEAM is a family owned company started 160 before for production of novel vegetable based texturizing solutions with high consumer acceptance to respond to the increasing demand for label friendly food ingredients. They are producing mainly • Stabilizing solution for all food application
• Pectin
• TARA Gum
• Citrus Fiber


Japan’s KIMICA Corporation is one of the global leader for alginate products.
KIMICA plants in Japan and Chile both are producing full spectrum of alginate products, which are sold throughout the world. They are producing alginate for the below application • Bakery & confectionery
• Low carbohydrate, gluten free and dietary fiber
• Noodles
• Jam, Fruit fillings, Salad dressing
• Dairy & Beverage
• Meat, plant based food, solid oils & fats


Prumix is part of Vega Group, specialized in Food & Health care products business, aims for better human health. Its Halal Certified manufacturer of good grade
• Vitamins
• Multivitamins
• Multi Minerals
• Multi Enzymes
• Multi Probiotics


Budenheim is global phosphate producer from Germany.
Budenheim is the producer of all kinds of phosphates for food application as follows
• LEVALL Phosphate range i.e. SAPP, MCP, DCP, LEVALL AS 4150- Aluminum Free alternative of Sodium Aluminum Phosphate
• BUDAL Phosphate - Sodium Aluminum Phosphate for baking application
• BUDAL phosphates- Mono/Di/Tri-Sodium Phosphate for dairy application like UHT Milk, Breakfast cream &Evaporated Milk
• SELF Phosphate - Emulsifying Phosphate for all cheese application i.e. triangle cheese, jar cheese, block cheese, mozzarella cheese etc.
• Anti-Caking Agent i.e. CAFOS M or calcium fortification
• CARNAL phosphate for meat application


Camlin Fine Science is one of our strongest partners for Aroma Products. CFS is the 3rd largest producer of Ex-catechol-based Aroma product in the world.
Camlin Fine Science is the largest producer of antioxidant in the world.
We promote below antioxidant products.


Lactoprot extracts the best from our “white gold” for our customers around the globe. As one of the international leaders, our owner-managed group of companies has a knowledge of the diverse functional properties of milk and its constituents
Our milk and whey Specialities are as follows
• Milk Protein Concentrate
• Whey Protein Concentrate
• Rennet Casein
• Sodium Caseinate
• Calcium Caseinate
• Caramelized Full Cream Milk Powder
• Whey Powder
• Many more


ROUSSELOT Co.- World leader for Food Grade Halal Gelatine. We are supplying Halal Beef Gelatine to food manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia for dairy & confectionery Industries.
Rousselot is the world leader for gelatin in pharma applications with more than 40% market share. We are selling Rousselot pharma Gelatine in Saudi and Bahrain market.
Peptan: Rousselot is the global leader of COLLAGEN products. Collagen has a wide range of products.

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